The Kite Runner chpt 24

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  • The Kite Runner chpt 24
    • Chapter shows Amir bonding with Sohrab like he's his own son
    • Last time as a reader we hear Sohrab talk
      • Talks about his family with Amir vice versa Amir talks about his friendship with Hassan
        • Sohrab trusts Amir
          • Short sentences from Sohrab however show he's slightly hesitant
            • Or emphasises how traumatised he is
    • '"I won't ever let that happen. I promise you that." I cupped his hand in both of mine "Come home with me" Page 297
      • Amir doesn't know if he can keep his promise
      • Still learning how to be a father
    • Ray's daughter committed suicide  page 304
      • Foreshadows's Sohrab's suicide attempt
    • Chapter shows the context of institutions within Afghanistan
    • "Yes they will! They always say they won't but they lie. They lie! Please God!"
      • Show's how damaged Sohrab has become
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