The Kite Runner Chpt 10

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  • The Kite Runner Chapter 10
    • This chapter symbolises Amir moving on
      • Leaving Afghanistan
    • “Behind me Baba was apologising to the other passengers. As if car sickness was a crime” Page  103
      • Baba cares about reputation
    • “an owl hooted” page 103/104
      • Onomatopoeia - Wilfred Owen
    • “I wondered where Hassan was. Then the inevitable. I vomited on a tangle of weeds, my retching and groaning drowned in the deafening roar of the MiG” Page 105
      • Amir still haunted by what he’s done
    • “It was my turn to clamp a hand on his thigh, but Baba pried it loose, snatched his leg away. When he stood.” Page 107
      • Baba is the much stronger one, but Amir tries to be
        • Baba is much more heroic
    • The description of Kamal shows the physical impact **** can have on someone
      • Snippets of his **** shows how Kamal’s father is ashamed of him
      • Shows Amir possibly piecing together what happened to Hassan
      • Male **** in a western society isn’t spoken about as much as it should be
    • The paragraph on page 113 about Baba’s watch
      • Baba is the light that guides Amir
        • This event has brought Amir and Baba closer because of the pressure
          • They only have each other to rely on
    • “'He won’t breathe! My boy won’t breathe!’ he was crying, Kamal’s lifeless body lay on his father’s lap"
      • Kamal’s experiences made him physically and mentally weak
      • Reflects Amir and Sohrab when he tries to kill himself


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