The Kite Runner chpt 23

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  • The Kite Runner chpt 23
    • Fragmented structure
      • Show's Amir falling in and out of consciousness
        • Repetition of "I fade out"
    • 'He looks up at me and I see. He's me. I am wrestling the bear' Page 271
      • Amir has become the man Baba wanted him to be
      • Amir's bear was Assef
    • 'Clean down the middle. Like a harelip' Page 273
      • Reflects Amir's redemption
        • Amir connects with Hassan
          • They've become one
      • Contrived
        • Hosseini wrapping the novel up
      • Reminder of everything Amir has done
    • "Let's just say we both got what we deserved" Page 274
      • Amir has matured
        • Can finally accept his faults and sins
    • Rahim Khan's last letter feels very contrived
      • Wants Amir to forgive himself and get over what he's done
        • His final wish
    • 'I suspected every bearded man to stare at me to be a Talib killer' Page 283
      • Western stereotyping
        • Media portrayal


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