The Kite Runner chpt 4

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  • The Kite Runner chpt 4
    • “Ali and Baba grew up together as childhood playmates’ pg 24 Same as Amir and Hassan
      • “But in none of his stories did Baba ever refer to Ali as his friend.” - Same as Amir to Hassan - shows social position
    • Description of childhood games with Hassan pg 24/25 steam of consiousness
      • Listing simple sentences
      • Child innocence reflects future
    • “We saw our first Western together, Rio Bravo and John Wayne” pg 25 spread of western culture
    • “While I ate and complained about homework, Hassan made my bed, polished my shoes, ironed my outfit for the day; packed my books and pencils” pg 26 Hassan doesn’t have an education - social position
    • “When it comes to words, Hassan is an imbecile.” pg 27 Amir typical child - but cruel
    • “So I’d try to make up for it by giving him one of my old shirts or a broken toy. I would tell myself that was amends enough for a harmless prank.” pg 27 reflects societies way of dealing with issues
    • “You’re a prince, Hassan. You’re a prince and I love you” pg 29 Amir enjoys the power he feels when mocking Hassan
    • Epistolary pg 31 show Rahim as a father figure to Amir
    • “Because suddenly Afghanistan changed forever” pg 32 foreshadowing


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