The Crusader States 1180-87

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  • The Crusader States 1180-1187
    • 1182, Saladin besieges Kerak but flees when Baldwin's army approaches
      • July 1182, engagement between Saladin and Jerusalem, ends inconclusively
    • August 1182, Saladin launches an assault on Beirut which fails
    • 1183, Reynald uses ships to attack pilgrims on the Red Sea
    • Feb 1183, Jerusalem has to pay exceptional tax of defence due to nature of Muslim threat
    • June 1183, Saladin takes Aleppo
    • 1184, mission to Europe to find the next King of Jerusalem, Henry II, Philip II, and the Pope all offer support but no solution
    • 1185, Saladin takes Mosul
    • March 1185, Baldwin IV dies, Raymond of Tripoli left as regent
    • 1186, Sybilla and Guy are crowned with support of the Court Party
    • 1186, Reynald attacks Muslim caravans, is rumoured to have killed one of Saladin's relatives which was cause enough for war
    • 1187, Raymond of Tripoli makes a truce with Saladin
    • May 1187, Templars confront Muslims at Springs of Cresson and lose
    • July 4th 1187, Battle of Hattin, Jerusalem falls to Saladin
    • July 14th 1187, Conrad of Montferrat arrives in Tyre and stops the surrender, Saladin instead takes Sidon


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