The Breakdown of Trust

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  • The Breakdown of Trust
    • Without a common enemy to fight, tensions between the USA and the Soviet Union intensified
      • No trust (ideological differences and USA possessing nuclear weapons)
      • Ideology - a set of political ideas about how society should be run
      • USA saw USSR as a threat to its economic interests in Europe.
      • USSR resented USA's nuclear monopoly (until 1949)
    • Capitalist views
      • Communism enslaved people to the state
      • Based on freedom and democracy
      • Everyone free to make money themselves
      • Individuals are better at deciding what to make / sell than the state
      • Trade makes everyone richer
    • Communist views
      • Capitalism exploited the workers to make the rich richer
      • Based on fairness
      • Capitalism only makes some people rich by exploiting everyone else
      • Individuals are not as strong as everyone working together for the same aim
      • State controls economy to benefit everyone
    • The Long Telegram (1946)
      • Secret report from US ambassador Kennan in Moscow to President Truman
      • USSR saw capitalism as a threat that had to be destroyed
      • USSR building military power
      • Peace between a capitalist and communist country impossible
    • Novikov's Telegram (1946)
      • Report from Soviet ambassador, Novikov, in USA to Stalin
      • USA wanted world denomination (building military strength)
      • USSR was the only county left after war that could stand up against the USA
      • USA was preparing its people for war with Soviet Union


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