Early Tensions

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  • Early Tensions
    • The end of the Grand Alliance
      • GA. came to end May 1945
        • Germany surrender
      • Roosevelt dies (key figure holding alliance together
      • Truman & Churchill were suspicious of USSR
      • USA drop atomic bombs on Japan (Aug 1945)
        • Roosevelt (prepped to work with Stalin) dies
          • Truman is disliked by Stalin
            • Britain (economically exhausted) can't stand up to USSR
    • Satellite states
      • USSR agreed to free elections in sphere of influence
      • USSR made sure they won
        • Salami tactic= shutting down opposition parties
      • Bulgaria
        • communist government elected in 1945
      • Romania
        • communists take power in 1947
      • Poland
        • communists 'win' election in 1947
      • Hungary
        • communist lose but regain power through control of secret police
      • Czechoslovakia
        • communists seize power in 1948
      • East Germany
        • becomes communist state in 1949
    • The beginning of the Cold War
      • Grand alliance= marriage of convenience
        • Britain- democracy led Churchill
        • USA- democracy led by Roosevelt
        • Soviet Union- communist one party state led by Stalin
      • met 3x
        • Yalta conference (Feb 1945)
        • Tehran conference (Nov-Dec 1943)
        • Potsdam conference (Jul-Aug 1945)
        • outcome
          • countries can work together
          • tension surface after Nazi defeat
            • no common enemy & new president (Truman)
    • The breakdown of trust
      • USA, Britain & other capitalist countries
        • everyone should be free to make money themselves
        • individuals are better at deciding what to make & sell than state
        • trade between countries makes everyone rich
      • Soviet Union & other communist countries
        • capitalism only makes someone rich through exploitation
        • individuals are not as strong as everyone
        • state should take control of economy for everyone
      • ideological differences made worse with atomic bombs
      • USA see USSR as threat to economy of Europe


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