The authority of the Church as a basis for making moral decisons

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  • The authority of the Church as a basis for making moral decisions
    • The church is the body of Christ so it is how Jesus works in the world.
      • If the church is the body of Christ it should have the same authority as Jesus
    • God didn't stop talking to people once the Bible was finished. He does it today through the Church.
    • The Church community needs to be guided by God to help them make the correct moral decision
    • If each Christian had to make a moral decision on their own, there might be lots of different opinions
      • Some Christians may not know what the best decision to make was, but if guided by the Church they could be sure that they were doing the right thing.
    • Christians expect the Church to give them guidance
    • Catholics believe the authority of the Church comes from the magisterium.
      • The Pope and Bishops interpret the Bible and Catholic traditiion for today
      • They believe this gives them infallible guidance on moral behaviour so whatever the Pope says is correct


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