Rights and responsibilities: The Bible and the Church for making moral decisions

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Rights and responsibilities

The Bible as a basis for making moral decisions


Bible-the holy book of Christians

Decalogue-the Ten commandments

Many Christians use the Bible as a basis for making moral decisions because:

  • They believe that the Bible is the word of God dictated by God and so is God's guidance to humans.
  • The Bible contains God's teachings on behaviour, this can be seen in the Decalogue.
  • The Bible contains Jesus's teachings on how to live, as he's the son of God Christians should follow his teachings, e.g. The Sermon on the Mount.
  • The Bible records events in the lfie of Jesus so many Christians ask themselves how Jesus would behave and follow his example.
  • The Bible contains letters from many of the leading disciples(St Peter, St John and St James) and the Apostle St Paul. They wrote them to the early Christian Chruch saying how they should behave, this guidance can be used when making moral decisions. They believe these letters were guided by the Holy Spirit so they must be important.
  • They believe that only the Bible is authenticated by God and so only by following the Bible can the be sure that their moral decisions will be approved by God.



  • Bible is the word of God.
  • God's teachings-decalogue
  • Jesus teachings-sermon on the mount/decalogue
  • WWJD?
  • Letters guided by the Holy Spirit
  • God approves



Although all Christians would accept that the Bible has some authority some do not agree about how important is should be because:

  • Some Christians believe


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