The Annulment

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  • The Annulment
    • Wolsey was a cardinal and a Papal Legate
      • had international respect
      • believed the Pope would want to help Henry who was his ally
    • Charles V
      • Was Catherine's nephew
      • imprisoned the Pope in 1537
        • Pope did not want to upset Charles by granting Henry with an annulment
    • Evidence in the Bible
      • Wolsey tried to find evidence to support the annulment.
      • Leviticus mentions that if a man takes his brother's wife, it is an impurity and they shall be childless
    • Tried to have the case in England
      • as Papal Legate, the decision would fall to Wolsey
    • Bible
      • It mentions that if a man's brother dies, he shall have children with his wife.
        • this contradicts the Leviticus statement
    • Catherine and Arthur were never really married?
      • People claimed that Catherine and arthur never really got married, which means that the Leviticus statement was untrue
    • Pressure on Catherine
      • Wolsey told Catherine to renounce her marriage and become a nun because she was a devote Catholic and she could not have more children anyway.
    • Cardinal Campeggio
      • it was decided that Cardinal Campeggio would hear the case in 1528
      • he was given instructions by the Pope not to reach a verdict
        • to delay the proceedings and to do everything by the book
        • still no decision in July 1529
    • Catherine's support
      • Catherine had support from John Fisher who was highly respected
        • Thomas More who was a close adviser to the king.
          • had support from the public and Charles V


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