The terms of the treaty of versailles

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  • What did the treaty of Versailles say?
    • Other
      • In 1921 special commission fixed a sum of £6600 million to be paid in annul instalments
      • The treaty took away around 10% industry and 15% of its agricultural land
      • The Allies could claim compensation for damage caused by the war
      • Germany was forbidden to unite with Austria
    • Military
      • The air force had to be disbanded
      • The army was limited to 100,000 soldiers
      • The Rhineland would be occupied by the Allies for 15 years and no German troops would go into that area
      • The navy was limited to 15,000 sailors, 6 battleships and no submarines
    • Blame
      • This is the term that the Germans hated most
      • Germany was to blame for causing the war
      • This leads to them admitting to causing the war so now they have to pay for the damage
    • Territory
      • Many areas were lost to surrounding countries
      • West Prussia and Posen were lost to Poland
      • Germany lost all of their colonies
      • Alsace-lorraine was returned to France
      • Germany lost 13% of its land, which contained about 6 million of its people


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