Religion and Relationships

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  • Relationships
    • Religious views on sex
      • Christianity
        • Sex is a gift from God
        • Contraception is acceptable
        • Adultery is forbidden-10 commandments
        • Roman Catholic
          • Priests are expected to celibate
          • Artificial contraceptives aren't allowed
          • Life is the reason for sex
      • Islam
        • Sex should happen within marriage, it's an act of worship
        • The pill and condoms are accepted, nothing permanent though
        • Adultery is not allowed
      • Hinduism
        • Adultery going against wedding promise
        • Sex within marriage
        • Contraception could be against ahisma
        • Chastity is a dharms
    • Religious views on Marriage& Same Sex Relationships
      • Christianity
        • Most denominations don't have a betrothal ceremony
        • Quakers: welcome same-sex marriages
        • Catholics teach marriage is a union between a man and woman
      • Islam
        • Wedding Ceremonies: find the right partner, courtship, dowry
        • Same sex marriages are not allowed
      • Hinduism
        • MArriage: priests look at horoscopes, courtship, wedding is called a samskara
        • The marriage ceremoney
          • Mandcap is put up
          • The havan is lit
          • Seven steps are taken food, strength, wealth etc.
    • Religious Views on divorce and re-marriage
      • Roman Catholics: divorce isn't recognised
        • Annulment can happen, re-marriage is discouraged
      • Islam
        • Re-marriage is allowed
        • Divorice is allowed as last resort


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