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  • Volcanoes
    • Eyja 2010
      • On Mid-Atlantic Ridge
        • Eurasian & North American plate
      • Conservative margin
        • As the plates move, new material is created
      • Located on Hotspot
      • Factors affecting severity
        • More airplane travel are vulnerable to ash clouds
        • Iceland is below the flowing Polar Jet stream
          • NW wind
        • The Max VEI was 4, punching ash into the Polar Jet stream
        • Viscous lava was very explosive
        • Magma melted the ice caps.
          • Jokulhlaup
          • Water travelled into the crater, creating more explosivity
        • Fine ash caused long distance ash travel
      • Effects
        • Local effects
          • Respiratory effects caused by ash
            • More airplane travel are vulnerable to ash clouds
          • Volcano deposited flouride, causing haemorraging in livestock
            • Effecting local trade loss
          • Fresh fish exports were cancelled.
            • Trade deficit
          • Local flooding
            • Road was destroyed
              • Trade and movement, people cannot travel to work.
        • Global effects
          • The European Flight industry lost $1.2bn
            • Trade and movement prevented
          • The Naval industry gained demand as flights were stopped
          • Europe loses $2.6bn GDP
          • 2.8mn tonnes less of CO2 emmitted
            • Environment +
        • Specific Case Study Effect
          • Major Telecoms company EIDQ had a conference cancelled
            • Delegates and Speakers would have been stuck
            • Food Supplies would have been wasted
              • More farming
                • More Methane production
                  • Global Warming Impact


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