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Property-led Regeneration:
London Thames Gateway
Property-led regeneration schemes involve building or improving property in an area to change
its image and improve the local environment to encourage further investment and the return of
people and business. Usually set up by UCDs who plan & coordinate the development.

LTG is…

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The scheme continues to invest in more and better homes ­ including more affordable
homes for local people. It is vital that the development of services mirrors the housing
developments, to this, these plans have been put in place:
Prioritising housing programmes in the ten locations where extra homes are…

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Population of the area is growing. 2001-2011 the pop. in Barking & Dagenham rose by 12%.
Renovation on schools has led to improvements in pupil's educational achievements.
£40million renovation at St Pauls Way Trust School has improved science, drama and
sports facilities. As a result, A*- C grades improved…


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