Tackling risk and vulnerability in Bangladesh

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  • Tackling risk and vulnerability in Bangladesh
    • The flood risk
      • The Himalay's melting causes major threat to villages with floods and avalanches
      • Because it is below sea level coastal towns and villages are battered by higher waves
    • Bangladesh and global warming
      • The IPCC predict that glacier melt in in the Himalaya's will increase flooding
      • Increased water temperatures will lead to increasing number of water-borne diseases as glaciers recede
      • Coastal areas will be at risk which will destroy crops
    • Adapting to global warming
      • Technological solutions
        • The capital, Dhaka cleared drains and constructed new ones, that would improve drainage
        • Sea walls have been built
      • Early warnings/flood prediction
        • People are evacuated to safer ground so are unlikely to injured
        • This can be implemented in the most vulnerable areas who don't have access to internet or TV
      • Improve sanitation as death from diseases is the biggest problem
    • Bangladesh background
      • The worlds most densely populated couuntries
      • Have three major rivers that burst often
      • Is mostly below sea level and is one of the most poor and vulnerable countries in the world


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