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June 2009
1. Write disaster risk equation
2. Which two major natural hazards are missing? Flood, earthquake, Droughts,
3. Identify natural hazard risk in local area. (5)
4. Which natural hazard affects most people in Africa
5. Suggest how famine in Africa may result from; flood (2) drought (2)…

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5. Explain why the majority of scientists believe humans are responsible for today's high
level of CO2 (4)
6. Suggest how the use of renewable energy sources can help tackle climate change (2)
7. Suggest why progress towards meeting renewable energy targets is so slow (3)
8. Using examples, explain…

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1. Identify two types of major hydro-meteorological hazard other than different types of
storm. (2)
2. How might global warming increase hurricane disaster risk? (3)
3. Explain how human factors have contributed to the increased reporting of earthquake
disasters. (5)
4. Describe the strengths and weaknesses of adaptation as a…


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