Edexcel geography topic 1 past exam questions.

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June 2009
1. Write disaster risk equation
2. Which two major natural hazards are missing? Flood, earthquake, Droughts,
3. Identify natural hazard risk in local area. (5)
4. Which natural hazard affects most people in Africa
5. Suggest how famine in Africa may result from; flood (2) drought (2)
6. Describe some possible impacts of climate change on farming in Africa (3)
7. Suggest reasons why increasing numbers of the world's people are affected by floods. (4)
8. Identify some natural causes that have led to past climate change. (4)
9. Suggest reasons why rapid urbanisation is taking place in countries such as China (4)
10. Using examples, explain why recent arrivals in mega cities often live in very poor conditions.
11. In what ways do transport and communications technology create a `shrinking world'? (4)
12. Identify two reasons why some areas of the UK are more attractive than others for economic
migrants (2)
13. Describe the economic consequences of migration for eastern European source countries (5)
Jan 2009
1. Why are earthquakes common in some parts of the world? (4)
2. With reference to a named example, explain what is meant by a disaster hotspot. (4)
3. Suggest reasons for the loss of ice taking place in most Arctic areas (4)
4. Describe two ecological impacts of climate change in the Arctic. (4)
5. State three economic consequences of widespread flooding for a major city such as London
6. Suggest reasons why flood defences, such as those in London, have been raised and
improved over time (5)
7. Suggest three additional global flows that connect China with the rest of the world.(3)
8. Explain why newly industrialised countries (NICs), such as China, have become important
centres for manufacturing and investment (5)
9. Describe the positive impacts of foreign migrants living in countries such as the UK. (4)
10. Explain why the number of European migrants entering the UK has risen sharply in recent
years (4)
11. Define the term transnational corporation (TNC) (1)
12. State two benefits gained by McDonalds from using local suppliers. (2)
13. Suggest reasons why TNCs sometimes alter their products for sale in different countries and
cultures (4)
14. Explain how TNCs may bring economic benefits to the countries they invest in (4)
Jan 2010
1. Describe the global distribution of tropical cyclone (3)
2. Give reasons for the distribution of tropical cyclone (3)
3. Explain how tropical cyclones contribute to the risk of living in the Philippines disaster
4. Describe two recent environmental changes that provide evidence for global warming.

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Explain why the majority of scientists believe humans are responsible for today's high
level of CO2 (4)
6. Suggest how the use of renewable energy sources can help tackle climate change (2)
7. Suggest why progress towards meeting renewable energy targets is so slow (3)
8. Using examples, explain how adaptation strategies can help people cope with the
impacts of climate change (5)
9. What are newly industrialised countries (NICs) (3)
10. Explain why the OPEC nations have become a wealthy and powerful global grouping.…read more

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Identify two types of major hydro-meteorological hazard other than different types of
storm. (2)
2. How might global warming increase hurricane disaster risk? (3)
3. Explain how human factors have contributed to the increased reporting of earthquake
disasters. (5)
4. Describe the strengths and weaknesses of adaptation as a way of managing climate change.
5. Suggest reasons why the economic impacts of climate change in the continent of Africa are
complex. (5)
6.…read more


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