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Health Issues
AS Geography…read more

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Key Terms
· Health: a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being
and not merely the absence of diseases and infirmity
· Morbidity: illness and the reporting of disease, some diseases are so
infectious that they must be reported by law
· Mortality: the death of people, measured by a number of indices,
including DR, IMR, case mortality and attack rate
· Attack Rate: the number of cases in one area, divided by the total
population over the period of the epidemic
· Infant Mortality: the number of deaths of children under the age of
one per 1000 births per year
· Case Mortality: the number of people dying from a disease divided
by the number of those diagnosed with it
· Crude Death Rate: the number of deaths per 1000 people per year…read more

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Patterns of disease and
health…read more

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Life Expectancy and Infant Mortality
· Will be highest in European · High in LEDCs in Africa and
countries such as the UK and Asia due to poor provision of
France, MEDC's. People can pre and post natal care for
afford health care which is mother and child
provided to a high standard · In MEDCs the standard of pre
· Will be lowest in sub-Saharan and post natal care is hish,
countries like Burkino Faso such as in the USA, where
and Mali where AIDS people can afford it and
incidence is high and health education about it is high
provision is poor…read more

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AIDS and Malaria Incidence
· In countries with less · Spreads through biting insects
education about preventing the so in the countries with the
spread of disease and are at a carrier insects, countries such
disadvantage when accessing as Zambia and Bangladesh.
contraception due to lack of Treatment in also more
money, such as Malawi and difficult here due to lack of
Botswana which have very resources and education about
high incidences unlike many of prevention is difficult
the European countries such
as France and Belgium…read more

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Cancer and Diabetes
· Develops in people of an older · Occurs in people who have
generation so in countries with diets high in fats and sugar, or
a higher life expectancy, like in who are obese so in MEDCs
MEDCs such as the UK and like the USA and Canada
New Zealand…read more

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Mr A Gibson


Definitions, explanations and information - patterns of health and disease, food and health and healthcare. This uses a range of scales to give a range of relevant contexts.

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