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  • Syncretism
    • Adopting and adapting somebody else's religion and beliefs.
    • Canaanites worshipped the Baal Gods.
      • Israel had stopped worshipping the one true God.
        • So God decided to stop protecting them.
    • Polytheism: Worshipping many Gods.
      • El
        • Father of the Gods and creator of all creatures.
      • Baal
        • The God of the storm, who is the day to day king of the Gods.
      • Anath
        • The sister or wife of Baal.
        • Acts as a warrior in her blood-thirsty battles on behalf of Baal, but can also be identified with sexual charm.
      • Asherah
        • The goddess over the sea, and wife of El.
    • Canaanite influences.
      • A major threat.
        • Yahwism in danger of being diluted if not eliminated.
        • Uniqueness compromised by syncretism.
        • Mosaic covenant and Decalogue set aside.
        • Links between cult and morality destroyed.
      • Not a major threat.
        • Yahwism enriched by some of influences.
          • Adoption of agricultural festivals.
        • Influences were just that, and at the most posted only a slight threat to the distinctive nature of Israel's religion.
        • Many people did not adopt more offensive practices.
        • Covenant and Decalogue not in existence at the time.
          • A later 'imposition' on the Mosaic period.


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