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Explain how the Muslim beliefs about the Ummah are expressed in the
practices Zakah and Hajj (30marks)

In the era before Muhammad, there was a tribal system known as Muruwah,
with each tribe having their own sense of Muruwah. Muruwah usually
translated by western scholars to mean "manliness", has a…

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Hadith says, "He is not a believer who eats while his brother goes hungry"
which again states you cannot be selfish in Islam. It is suggested Zakah
might focus a Muslims thoughts back on other people rather than about their
own situations. Zakah can be placed into four categories into…

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the Ummah and that there is one community of Muslims that everyone
belongs to.
Whilst on Hajj all pilgrims are required to wear Ihram; two pieces of
white sheets which they will be buried in, a reminder that life is only
temporary and that life after is eternal. This means…


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