The Roles of Men and Women within Judaism incl. Laws of Family Purity

Duscusses the roles of men and women withing Judaism, family purity, orgins in text, Mikavah + Niddah, and the question of is Judaism sexist/ discriminate against women?, reasons for purity

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The Roles of Men and Women incl. Laws of Purity

Judaism Believes everyone should have a chance to become closer to G-d but also
believe that different people have different spiritual sensitivities - wrong not to
provide different opportunities for different types of people.
Men and women have different…

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women = Wicked man but Wicked man + pious woman = Pious Man.
Women exempt from all time bound positive mizvot ­ important role of spiritual
influence over her family. Exemption led to misunderstanding of the role of women in
First, many people make the mistake of thinking that…

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inappropriate sexual actions not appropriate for praying ­ sepreation discouraged
women are exempt from many aspects of synagogue life ­ women tend to not go as
dont want to as dont participate ­ doesnt mean inferior ­ Judaism not just
restricted to Synangogue but every aspect of life.


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· Judaism says women are equal to men but they are different:
Judaism ­ beings need to reach their full potential = purpose of creation =
with G-d
Judaism is sexist "Sexism is discrimination on the basis of sex" - recognises
women and men are…

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Lit. meaning "Living Water"
Men and women use it (obvs not together ­ seperate ones)
Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashana (HALACHA)
Before Yom Tov
Before Shabbat
Women ­ Period begins known as a "Niddah" (married or not):
State of lesser spiritual purity
if married count 5 days…

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· Kabbalistic ­ when egg fertilised soul is in it and its spiritual level
on the state it was in when created
· "Breicha" spring ­ from the word "source" when go to mikvah go through
ritual which connects you to the original source (death disconnects one from…

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