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  • Israel's syncretism
    • Definition: Adopting other religion's beliefs and rituals
    • Evidence from Bible: Israel struggled against religious practices of the pagans almost continuously down to the end of its own independence in 586 BC- Day of The Lord- Israel believed that they would be saved from punishment because they had made a covenant with God but because they had got to Canaan and disobeyed His commands they would receive the same punishments as their enemies.
    • Polytheism: worshipping many gods.
    • Examples of gods that Israel worshipped: El, Baal, Asherat, Anat, and Astarte.
      • El: God of humanity and all creatures.
      • Asherat: wife of El and known as the mother god.
      • Anat: goddess of war. lover of Baal.
      • Astarte: connected with fertility, sexuality and war.
      • Baal: fertility god who was believed to enable the earth to produce crops and people to produce children.
    • Worship emphasis centred on sexual actions that would bring fertility by human imitation of the divine powers that bestowed fertilizing seed and life on land. This led to offensive acts to Yahweh and therefore led to Israel's downfall.
    • The different gods all had their own power of the natural forces so Canaanites would worship to please them and they would grown their crops
    • Examples of syncretism: sex between farmer and prostitute on the altar to worship God of fertility.
    • Israel's syncretism was an act of betrayal and defiance of God (Yahweh) because He told them to worship only Him and to not make idols.


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