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App : Grazia Extra

Grazia has 2 apps: 'Grazia Extra' and 'Grazia - Beauty and Fashion News'. They are both free and only available on iOS devices.

Grazia Extra was released in 2014, gifting their audience a chance to interact with the magazine.

This app includes: Behind the scenes videos, Extra interviews, special features

This app is interactive with the print-based version where you can scan a page with the app logo to see a special feature.

With this app the audience will be able to enjoy quick and easy access to, plus download the week's issue of Grazia magazine to their device. (pay for download from £1.99)

Rated 2.9/5 on iTunes.

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App : Beauty and Fashion

Get a free issue upon download of the app  - gives their audience an incentive

This app focuses more on the fashion side of the magazine, offering their audience exclusive behind the scenes of 'fashion catwalks' and 'big red-carpet events'.


Discovering the latest trends

  • Done through 'Lust Charts' - iconic to the brand

Shop your favourite looks

  • if the audience likes a specific clothing or beauty item featured in the magazine, they can tap it and be sent to the link to purchase.

Archive Looks

  • The audience can save looks that they like formatted in an easy way to look in the future
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'Grazia's website played a key role in the brands' law-changing 'Mind the pay Gap' campaign and it will continue to arm readers with opinions on key issues and cover the subjects our highly engaged audience is passionate about'

'Grazia online, whose breadth, unique voice, fashion authority and coverage of politics and news has a broad appeal amongst women in a rapidly changing social landscape'

Creating a website shows how the magazine is up to date and developing along with the age of technology. It gives their audience quick access to news as well as fast updates on news stories that fit their brand.

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Social Media

Twitter: 392K

Instagram: 313K

Facebook: 221K

Grazia has a rather large social media following in the UK, social media accounts may appeal more so to their younger audiences as they stereotypically use them more. The social media site allows the magazine to promote their app, website and print-based version of the magazine also allowing he reader a reminder or notice of a praticular news story they have posted on their website.

Their instagram page focuses more so on the fashion and sometimes beauty genre of the magazine, posting editorials as well as fashion on the red carpet of big events such as the Met Gala.

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