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  • Changing Places: Belonging
    • To be part of a community, increasingly seen as making a place sustainable and successful.
    • Transition Town - Totnes
      • Why? High no. families relying on part time work. 50% on £20,000/yr or less. High house prices. Decline in employment as milk + bacon factory shut. £30,000,000 spent on food, £20,000,000 going to big brand supermarkets
      • Totnes Approach - Transition Town Totnes (TTT)
        • Totnes Pound. Open edible gardens. Shared garden schemes. Planting trees projects. Blueprints for communities to become less reliant on oil. Energy Decent action Plan (energy, food, transport, homes).
        • Street-by-street - streets have small community meetings each week, make pledges about what they are going to do about a different topic (changes each week) eg Energy. People get to know one another.
        • A New Economy: Transition Tours for locals and tourists to learn about the movement, Transition Houses using local materials and energy efficiency, Microbrewery which boosts the economy, buy ingredients locally, support community events with special brews.
    • What affects Belonging?
      • Age - different interests
      • Gender - eg In a workplace, a man as a midwife and woman as a builder
      • Sexuality
      • Socio-economic status - restricted to different interests, eg Can't afford to eat at a posh restaurant
      • Religion - discrimination, lack of understanding
      • Education - struggling to interact w/ highly educated people.
      • Race and Ethnicity - Racism and segregation.
        • with increase in globalisation, many places more culturally diverse. London - Biggest Chinese New Year outside of China. Cities have clear communities, eg China Town


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