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Thames Gateway
"We are one of the major partners leading
this massive regeneration project that will
bring thousands of new jobs and homes to
the Thames Gateway - a 40 mile stretch from
London Docklands to Southend in Essex and
Sheerness in Kent..."
uk/britainfromabove/stories/buildingbritain/th…read more

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70km long
32km wide
GATEWAY…read more

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Property ­led redevelopment
One of four growth areas where investment in buildings or
identified in the UK government's transport infrastructure is
Sustainable Communities Plan ­ designed to stimulate an area and
February 2003 attract further development, jobs
and residents.
The Thames Gateway was the
Some areas in the gateway are heart of industrial trading for the
managed by Development southern region and the country.
Corporations and others by Loss of heavy industry and
partnership agreements and with changes in shipping led to the
many different organisations. production centre rapidly
Major investment and
redevelopment is needed in
infrastructure and reinstatement
of damaged former industrial
land.…read more

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"Through this Delivery Plan we are backing our vision
with clear cross-government priorities and funding
commitments. The Plan provides a framework for
making the best use of public investments, local
ownership, big project expertise and private sector
entrepreneurship. Its sets out a proposed spending
programme for 2008-2011 which includes £500 million
for regeneration and £100 million for local transport
improvements within a total Government investment
commitment of over £9 billion. Three driving points, -
strong economy ­ improvements in quality of life ­
development of the Gateway as a eco-region."…read more

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Economy and housing
There are four major strategic transformers or key economic development projects that will be at the heart of the creation of jobs and wealth that the
gateway hopes to encourage.
They will come from national government sources and show many aspects of property led development
The Olympics and Stratford City
Regeneration of the area at the heart of the 2012 Olympics bid. The Olympic park is being designed as a sustainable showpiece area for the whole
gateway. The London development Agency has set up an employment and skills action plan designed to get 70 000 Londoners into work through the
London Gateway
Regeneration of a 1500 acre former oil refinery site to provide the largest deep water port in Europe. It will be able to handle the largest container ships
and will link to road, rail and sea connection through one of the biggest logistic parks in Europe. The owners will invest £15 billion in the port to create
14,000 new jobs by 2025.
Canary Wharf
This Global finance centre will be the main economic driver of the Gateway. 90,000 people are already employed and 4 new sites will bring over 100,000
new jobs by 2016. A new commercial and retail scheme is to be designed by Richard Rogers Partnership, bringing a further 10,000 jobs to the area.
Ebbsfleet Valley
This will be a new community on Brownfield sites around Ebbsfleet international station. High ­ speed train link Ebbsfleet to Paris and Brussels- but also to
St Pancres and Stratford Olympic site over 500,000m sqrd of new offices which should bring 10,000 new jobs by 2016. In 2007 the government agreed to
pay £74 million towards the £166 million programme to invest in roads and other transport measures. This allowed planning permission for 25 ,000 new
houses and 36,000 new jobs in Kent Thameside by 2026…read more

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Olympics and Stratford City
London Gateway
Canary Warf
Ebbsfleet Valley…read more

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