Pressures on cities

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  • Pressures on cities
    • Transport
      • Whether a city is more compact or spread out - how much travelling (NY)
      • Whether the trasport is sustainable with the energy usage.
        • London - congestion chages, encouragement to use the tube. New bike stations for tourists.
        • Sheffield and Nottingham - tram systems
    • Land
      • Urban Sprawl - Los Angeles
        • Loss of land to urban activites - deforestation
      • Urbanisation for work - ghost villages in places.
      • Build new green areas - Hull reindustrialisation
    • Environment
      • Amount of energy which a city uses.
      • Hotspots for natual disasters - Tokyo and earthquakes
    • Housing
      • Increasing urbanisation
      • New eco homes
      • Dharavi - mumbai - poor yet very organised housing
      • Big new focus on putting solar pannels onto houses
    • Water supply
      • Suseptable to flooding and tsunamis.
      • Disposable income - people less inclined to save water
      • Dharavi - mumbai - water turned on between 2 and 4 - sustainable!
    • Resource and waste
      • Poor sanitation can cause illness - diarea and cholera
        • Rio da Janerio - favela of Rochina poor sanitation - cholera high
      • Energy sources which are available - are they sustainable
      • Recycling - bigger focus however still in big cities such as London there is a lot of waste
      • Imports and exports in order to have food products all year round - more sustainable to look at GM CROPS.
        • Singapore and Vietnam


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