Sustainable Mumbai - Vision Mumbai

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  • 'The Plan'
    • Improve the trains to make them safer and able to hold more passengers.
    • Widen the min roads to accommodate more vehicles.
    • Build 300 more public toilets so that the original ones weren't becoming waste filled too quickly.
    • Make 325 spaces 'green' that were covered in trash and pollution.
    • Knock down Dharavi (the biggest slum in the world) and the developers who brought the land would build houses and offices.
    • High rise apartments to be built next to shops, luxury apartments and offices for the population of the slums.
    • The Four Core Targets
      • Improve road and rail transport
      • Boost the economic growth
      • Get rid of the slum sand provide cheaper housing instead
      • Improve the sanitation, water and health care


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