Urban Issues and Challenges case studies

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  • Urban Issues and Challenges
    • London
      • Lower Lea Valley Regeneration
        • Environmental
          • Wildlife habitats e.g. wetlands and otter holes created
        • Social
          • New schools have been opened on the Olympic Park
          • The aquatics centre and velodrome are available for public use
          • Athletes" Village relaunched as East Village, providing 10,000 new homes, 40% affordable
        • Economic
          • Stratford is now a well connected area of London, allowing commuters easier travel
          • New jobs in construction and engineering have created a multiplier effect.
            • It is estimated over 20,000 new jobs may be created by 2030, bringing £5 billion
      • Environmental challenges and solutions
        • High congestion levels result in dangerous air quality
          • The Ultra low emission zone was introduced in 2019
          • Congestioncharge
      • Cultural and economic opportunities
        • Many defined cultural area, such as China Town
        • Over 250 languages are spoken in London
        • London is a global financial centre, Canary Wharf being HQ to many international banks, such as HSBC
        • London is a world city, thanks to its many tourists attractions, theatres and restaurants
    • Mumbai
      • Dharavi
        • Vision Mumbai aims to replace squatter settlements with apartment blocks
      • Environmental challenges and solutions
        • Air pollution is caused by high concentrationof vehicles and rubbish incineration
        • Water pollution is caused by industrial waste  disposed of into rivers
          • Mithi River project aims to dredge rivers, add toilets and smooth river banks
    • Curitiba
      • Transport
        • Bi-articulated buses transport 80% of travellers.
        • They are efficient as tickets are pre-bought and everyone in the city live within 400m of a bus stop.
        • Some employers subsidise employees for using the bus
      • Green Exchange
        • Families living in poor areas can exchange rubbish for food and bus tickets
    • Freiburg
      • Green Spaces
      • Sustainable Housing
        • Solar panels
        • Green roofs
        • Bike racks
      • Energy


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