Geography- Vision Mumbai (Top down case study)

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  • Vision Mumbai (Top down case study)
    • What is it and why is is top down?
      • It is organised by the government but affect the people.
      • A government project aimed to improve the living conditions within Mumbai.
      • Top down strategy- a strategy organised by a government but aimed to affect individuals.
    • Advantages
      • (Social advantage) Improved healthcare
      • (Social advantage) Aims to improve education
      • (Economic advantage) Increased employment
    • Disadvantages
      • (Social disadvantage) lack of slum culture
      • (Social disadvantage) almost 30,000 homeless
      • (economic disadvantage) slum natives must pay tax
    • 8 Mark Question Tips
      • India is the emerging country- not Mumbai
      • Keywords: emerging, formal sector, education, government, top down, bottom up
      • Structure: Point, evidence, explain, Assess, link


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