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  • Supplements
    • Pregnancy
      • Greatest effect when taken pre-conception & 1st trimester
      • Folic acid - trying to concieve = 400micrograms/day - spinal cord / prevent NTDS - take until 12th week
      • Iron - throughout iron levels should be checked if below 26mg supplement needed. - red blood cells in foetus & prevent anaemia in mum
      • NO MULTI-VITAMIN - as despite increasing levels of vitamin D it also increases VIT A - teratogenic
      • AVOID - Vit E- studies may help prevent miscarriage, pre-eclampsia & LBW but UNPROVEN and Vit E may actually INCREASE RISK OF STILL BIRTH
      • Certain situations Vit K to reduce risk of bleeding for newborn
      • Fatty acids - in late pregnancy supplementation with fish oils will increase in the omega 3 fatty acids in body - beneficial as can be passed on to baby after birth through breast milk
    • Older adults
      • antioxidants - A,C,E
      • B vits
      • Calcium/Vit D
      • zinc
      • Iron/vit c
      • magnesium


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