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Evaluation Of Suplementation In Pregnancy

For Supplementation:

Folic Acid Supplements recommended in early pregnancy to reduce risks of NTDs and low birth weight. advice recommends a 0.4mg daily supplement of folic acid in addition to usual dietary intake.For women who have already had a NTD-affected pregnancy, should take 5mg folic acid per day.

Iron supplementation in pregnancy for those with inadequate stores. more iron is required during pregnancy to supply the grow foetus, placenta and increased number of maternal red blood cells. extra demands are usually met because mentrual losses cease and intestinal absorption increases. However iron is needed if stores are low at start of pregnancy and during the last trimester when a large transfer of iron from mother to foetus occurs.

Vit D supplementation for vegans or receive little exposure to sunlight, but excess can cause hypervitaminosis which causes kidney damage. mother provides a store of Vit D to her foetus during pregnancy and it's recommended all women receive supplementary Vit D to achieve 10mg per day.

Vit B12 for vegans and Vit C ensures absorption of iron so iron deficiency anaemia prevented. Supplements useful for poor appetites, ill health and inadequate vitamin intake eg teenage girls.

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Evaluation of Supplementation in Pregnancy

Against Supplementation

High Vit A intakes can be harmful to unborn baby. Women recommended to avoid consuming supplements that contain VitA as an excess has been linked to birth defects.

High intakes of iron, zinc and selenium are toxic and an excess of vitC can cause stomach upsets. Excess intake of folic acid can mask B12 deficiency.

Supplements can cause nutritional imbalances. Too much of one particular nutrient may interfere with the absoption of another micronutrient eg iron supplements can interfere with zinc absorption.

Excess supplementation of VitD can cause hypervitaminosis which can cause kidney damage.

Use of supplements discourages good eating habits.

Too much zinc has been associated with damaging the babies immune system

Very expensive to achieve an adequate diet.

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