Strengths and Weaknesses of Natural Law

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  • Strengths and Weaknesses of Natural Law
    • Strengths
      • clear cut
      • primary precepts are common in all cultures
      • NL doesn't care about the consequences, just the act
      • doesn't depend on feelings
      • doesn't depend on culture of society
      • offers a moral universal code
    • Weaknesses
      • if we believed there is no purpose then NL makes little sense
      • if you don't believe in God NL falls apart
      • is there a single human nature common to all societies?
      • modern philosophers believe this theory is teleological and Aquinas seems to agree
      • NL relies heavily on reason
    • Karl Barth - criticising NL
      • It relies too much on reason. Human nature is flawed. We should rely on the grace of God


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