Natural law


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Natural Law
· Absolute
· Devised by Aquinas
· Everything has a purpose & potential to join God
· God gave humans reason so they could see their final cause & choose to follow it or not
Primary precepts
· Worship God
· Reproduce
· Preserve life
· Education children
· Live in an ordered society
Secondary precepts
· Act in accordance with primary ones
· Acts are intrinsically good / bad
· Apparent goods tempt people away from the natural law
· Both intention & act must be good
· Lets communities with clear, common rules structure & organise moral life
· Gives clear, unambiguous answers to moral questions
· Many cultures have recognised the importance of primary precepts independently of
· Idea that there is a single/ fixed human nature is simplify & contradicts increasing diversity &
changeable nature of personal identity
· Some people are not religious so will not necessarily worship God


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