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Revise all key words so far. You will
need to know the definitions.
Test on Thursday.
Deontological Ethics
Teleological Ethics Absolutist Morality
Relativist Morality Fallacy
Normative Ethics Applied Ethics
Deduction Cultural Relativism…read more

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Absolute and Relative Morality
L.O: To explore concepts of absolute and
relative morality and the associated
What is ethics?…read more

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· 10 point checklist
· Hume: Is-Ought Fallacy
Different Types of Ethics
· Meta
· Normative
· Applied…read more

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Deontological Teleological
Definition Definition
Example Example
Theories Theories
Natural Law Utilitarianism
Kant Situation Ethics
Divine Command…read more

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Questions?…read more

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· Bekky's decision map
· Definitions
· Scenarios ­ 2 judgements
· Questions…read more

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