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    • Out shadowed
      • Is always being bested by his bother
        • If he achieves something his brother can always top it
        • Makes him feel that he has to brag about everything to gain attention
      • Nothing is ever good enough for his parents
        • It lowers his self-confidence
        • The favor his brother and ignore him
      • He doesn't feel like his accomplishments are of any importance to anyone
        • As a result, feels neglected by his own family
    • Refugee
      • Leah traveled to a refugee camp and met/rescued a girl named Erin who had recently been separated from her parents.
        • Erin's parents were taken away from her and presumed dead
      • She established trust with the girl after healing her broken ankle
        • Erin is very guarded and won't let anybody near her until she meets Leah.
      • Leah is in desperate need of a sell-out book and so her boss tells her to travel
        • She has so far been writing about fiction and decides that her book needs something real
    • Prison
      • Charlie worked in an underpaid job until she finally left to set up her own law firm
        • She felt as though no one should have to go through what she did
      • She voluntarily overpaid her employees as she didn't want them to be in her situation
        • She is a generally charitable person
        • Immature - she didn't understand the consequences of her actions
        • She was unexperienced
      • Was sentences to 4 years in prison after evading tax
        • Charlie was on parole and managed to get out only serving 3 years
    • Cancer
      • Graduated from Harvard with perfect grades and went on to be a nurse for cancer patients
        • Academically she was ready but not emotionally
      • Laura got very emotionally involved with her patients
        • Her boss eventually told her that either she stop getting emotionally involved with her patients or she resign
      • She eventually left to work at an elderly home
        • However she still felt as though she had abandoned her patients
    • Isolated
      • Her mother is disabled and she feels that it is her responsibility to take care of her
        • Her mother's disability was caused by an accident and that therefore makes the outside world look foreboding to her
      • She then becomes extremely isolated from the outside world and develops agoraphobia
        • The only time she manages to leave the house is 7:23am for the Myrtle Avenue train every day
        • Refuses help and insists that she is only isolating herself for the sake of her mother


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