Drama Essay: SECTION A

A detailed set of revision cards for a performance of Top Girls

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Question 1

It is about a woman named Marlene, a career-driven woman who is all about woman success in business. As the play unfolds we find Marlene has left her 'poor' life, and illegitimate child with her sister Joyce, in order to tread the path to success.

  • Genre: Feminist drama             
  • Target Audience: Political, but now mainly students.
  • Style:Naturalistic
  • Set in: the late 70s/early80s near Ipswich and London.
  • Performed in school hall on a wide, shallow, proscenium arch stage.
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Question 2

an explanation of how the candidates developed their creative ideas for the piece and how they applied their skills in preparation for performance


  • characterisation
  • Use of Improv.
  • physical
  • Research!
  • vocal
  • Close reading of the text
  • facial expression;
  • interaction with others 
  • pace, pause
  •  rhythm
  •  energy
  •  USE OF STANISLAVSKI – magic if, emotion memory
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Question 3

Group work or personal development

  • Stanislavsky
  • Acting principles
  • How we got audience reaction
  • rehearsal process
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Question 4

Your personal contributions to the work as a whole. The things you learnt.  individual strengths and/or weaknesses
            intention(s) for the audience/ audience response(s)
 artistic/aesthetic achievements
 communication of message(s) or theme(s)
 interpretation of character
 creation of mood/atmosphere/period/location/co-operation with group

reference to particular moments 
some expression of personal aim(s)  • interpretation and creation of believable/appropriate/remarkable
character  • creation of comedy/tension/pathos  • use of pace/pause/projection • audience responses – laughter/tears/applause/attentive silence

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