Theatre Roles

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  • Theatre Roles
    • Actor
      • A person whose role it is to play a character
    • Amateur
      • A member of a theatre company who isn't professional
    • Audience
      • A group of people who participate in a show or encounter a piece of art
    • Bit Part
      • A small role for an actor
    • Cast
      • The members of an acting company
    • Choreographer
      • Member of the production responsible for setting dances and movement sequences.
    • Company
      • The cast, crew and other staff associated with a show
    • Costume Designer
      • Member of the creative team responsible for the clothes worn by the actors
    • Dancer
      • Member of company whose role is choreographed and has no spoken words
    • Director
      • Person who is responsible for the overall artistic vision of the production
      • Artistic Director
        • In charge of the programming of a venue.
        • May direct shows
      • Technical Director
        • In charge of technical requirements
    • Dramatist
      • Playwright, composer or lyricist who transforms an existing story into a play or musical
    • Ensemble
      • An acting group normally with no one outshining the others
    • Lyricist
      • Author of the text of a musical/ words of a song
    • Playwright
      • The author of a play also known as a dramatist
    • Professional
      • Someone who's regularly payed of a job
    • Sound Designer
      • Member of the production team. Has responsibility of all sound playback and reinforcement equipment
    • Stage Crew
      • Member of stage staff responsible for moving props and scenery during the show
    • Stage Manager
      • The head of Stage Management team
      • ASM
        • Assistant
      • DSM
        • Deputy
        • Calls cues from prompt corner
    • Understudy
      • Cast member who understudies a principle role and is in a chorus
    • Ushers
      • Front-of-House staff;guide audience to their seats; in auditorium in case of emergency
    • Walk-On
      • A small acting role with no lines


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