GCSE Geography: squatter settlements,improving

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what is a squatter settlement?

a squatter settlement is a  settlement which is illegally approved by the government. they are build in and around the city for people who can't afford good quality housing.

squatter settlements are known as 'favelas' in Brazil, 'bustees' in india, 'barricades' in Peru. Also known as shanty towns or slums in other places.

squatter settlements are a problem to growing cities in poorer countries eg mumbai,India .

rural urban migrants people who migrated from rural to urban) are attracted to cities because there is a availability of services such as healthcare,education,jobs in industry.

life in  a sqatter settlement:

In Dharavi,India the life of migrants living there is not very hygienic they don't have a open sewage system where the migrants can catch water borne diseases like choleara and e-coli and it spreads quicker in thier environment. life is also hard becuase they have jobs which are not monitored or taxed by the government…


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