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Changing Urban Environments
1) Define the word Urbanisation.
2) What is the North-South Divide?
3) What are the four zones of a city?
4) What does CBD stand for?
5) Give three mainland uses in a town.
6) Define the word Gentrification.
7) What is an emigrant?
8) What is an immigrant?
9) What is a Sustainable City?
10) State 2 problems with the CBD and 2 solutions.
11) Give three problems to an increase in traffic in Urban areas.
12) Give three solutions.
13) Name a Case Study about Issues Facing the Inner City.
14) Write three facts to do with your Case Study.
15) State two effects of Urbanisation in the rich world.
16) Define Squatter Settlement.
17) State One advantage and One disadvantage of living in a Squatter Settlement.
18) Give three reasons why people live in Squatter Settlements.
19) What is the informal sector?
20) Name the Three ways people who live in Favelas are trying to improve them.
21) What is a Favela?
22) Give a point for each scheme.
23) Name a Case Study for a Squatter Settlement and give three facts about it.
24) Name the Three types of pollution made from Rapid Urbanisation and Industrialisation in
the poor world.
25) Name a Case Study for them.
26) What is the meaning of a Sustainable City.
27) Name a Case Study for a Sustainable City and Three facts about it.


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