squatter settlement issues for people in poorer parts of the world

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What is a squatter settlement?

Squatter settlements are built by people they are made by any material that they can find and the are usually built on land that does not belong to them. An example would be favelas in Brazil also known as shanty towns. They also often lack proper sanitation.

What is an informal sector?

Informal sectors are jobs created by people that are trying to get an income for example washing and mending bicycles.

Why do people live in squatter settlements?

The speed of the urbanisation process in many poorer areas of the world results in squatter settlements  being built and the evolution of an informal sector of the economy. The pace of rural-urban migration is too f to build their own shelters.

three example of squast to allow the time needed to build proper houses and for the economy to grow to provide jobs. People find unoccupied areas of land and materials and beginatter settlements

. Rochina in Rio de janeiro is widely considered to be one of Rio de janeiro's largest, most densely populated and unurbanized slums.

.Dharavi is a locality in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. It houses one of


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