Vegans and Vegetarians

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  • Vegetarians and Vegans
    • Lacto-ovo Vegetarian
      • Eats dairy and eggs, not meat
    • Reasons:
      • Animal Warefare
      • Religion
      • Healthier
      • Dislike meat
    • Vegan
      • Not dairy, eggs, honey, gelatine etc.
    • Lacto Vegetarian
      • Eats dairy, not meat or eggs
    • Fat
      • A range of fats - essential fatty acids
      • Consume lots of dairy which may contain saturated fat
    • Vitamin B12
      • Milk, dairy products and eggs help
      • Supplement may be advised
      • Not found in plant sources - fortified soya milk, meat alternatives and breakfast cereals
    • Vitamin D
      • Eggs, wholemilk and dairy products help
      • Sunlight
      • Cereals and reduced fat spreads fortified
    • Calcium
      • Milk and dairy products help
      • Plant sources difficult to absorb due to phytates and oxalates
      • Fortified foods eg.white bread/soya/ breakfast cereals/yogurt
    • Iron
      • Tannins in tea can affect absorption
      • Eat with Vitamin C   to aid absorption
      • Non-Haem eg.egg yolk/ cereals/green leafy veg./nuts/pulses - not good absorption
    • Protein
      • Dairy products and eggs help
      • Complementation of HBV and LBV foods eg. beans on toast
      • Soya and quinoa are only HBV plant sources


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