A government campaign encouraging us to eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day
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Accelerated Freeze Drying (AFD)
where food is frozen and dried under vacuum
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informing people about products, services or events and persuading people to buy things
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Ambient temperature
room temperature
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Anaphylactic shock
a potentially fatal condition caused by an allergy to certain foods
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Anorexia Nervosa
an eating disorder where people restrict the amount of food they eat
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chemicals found in Vitamins A,C and E that help protect the body from disease
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AOAC fibre
fibre defined by the American Association of Analytical Chemists, including a lignin and resistant starch
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single-celled organisms that are useful, but can be harmful
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Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)
the energy the body needs when at rest
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'best before' date
code used on foods with short to medium shelf life
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binge drinking
when people drink excessive amounts of alcohol in a short time
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biodegradablen packaging
packaging that can be broken down by other living organisms
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a machine that changes food waste into electricity and biofertiliser
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fuels made from food crops
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yoghurt with added bacteria to aid digestion
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Body Mass Index (BMI)
a method for estimating body fat
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when starch is heated to a high temperature
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Bulking agents
ingreidents that are cheap and add volume to food products
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Coeliac disease
gluten intolerance - foods with gluten cannot be eaten
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Combination or Composite Foods
foods that contain foods from several groups on the eatwell plate
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Complex carbohydrates
polysaccharides that are made up of glucose units, including starch
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when heat is conducted from molecule to molecule in solids or liquids
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people who use things
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when heat travels round liquids and air by convection currents
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Convenience food
food that is ready - prepared to make it easy to cook and eat
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cook-chill food
food that is cooked then chilled at a very low temperature
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Coranary heart disease
a disease linked to high fat intake
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when bacteria cross from one food to another
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Cryogenic freezing or immersion freezing
when food is immersed or sprayed with liquid nitrogen
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Danger zone
the temperature range 5-63 degres, when food can be spoiled and become dangerous to eat
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Deficiency of a mineral
when the mineral is in poor supply of the diet
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when the body is short of water
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Dental caries
tooth decay
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Dietary reference values (DRV's)
a series of estimates of the amount of energy and nutrients needed by different groups of healthy people in the UK population
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Estimated Average Requirements (EAR)
EAR for energy
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eatwell plate
a 'plate' diagram showing the proportions of the different food groups that we should eat to maintain a healthy and well-balanced diet
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help fat and oil disperse in very fine droplets
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Energy Balance
when energy in from food is the same energy out from activites - it is the right amount of energy for our body needs
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Englyst method
a method of fibre analysis used for NSP measurement
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a number showing that the additive has been accepted as safe by the countries of the European Union
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proteins that speeds up a chemical reaction but is not used up in the process
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Essential amino acids
amino acids that have to be eaten, as the body cannot make them
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to do with morals, whether something is right or wrong
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Expenditure and Food survey
the government survey that finds out what foods we are eating and trends in our eating habits
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trade that aims to give producers a fair price for what they grow or make, and to help them improve their working conditions
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Farmer's markets
a local market that sells locally produced food
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Food allergy
a type of intolerance that involves the immune system
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Food fortification
adding nutrients to food products
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Food intolerance
when the body reacts to a certain food or food ingredient
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Food miles
the distance food travels from source to plate
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Food probe
a cookery instrument used to measure the temperature inside food
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Food Standards agency
a UK government body that deals with food issues
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Freedome Food and Red Tractor
marks that show animals are reared with care
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Functional foods
foods that claim to have health - promoting properties
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pieces of equipment that may or may not be useful in food preparation
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when starch breaks down when heated with water to thicken mixture
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Genetically Modified food
food grown from or using plants that may havve been genetically changed in some way
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the protein formed when wheat flour is mixed with liquid
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Glycaemic Index
the measure of the effects of carbohydrates on blood glucose levels
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the form in which carbohydrate is stored in the liver
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food that is prepared according to Islamic law
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Healthy Balanced Diet
a diet containing a variety of types of food in the right proportiions to promote good health
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Hidden Fat
Fat that you cannot see in a food product
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High-risk foods
foods that can only be stored for a short time before they become unsafe to eat
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breaking down the fat globules in milk
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irradiated food
food bombarded with ionising rays
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measures of the energy value of a food product
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food that meets Jewish dietary laws and must follow special rules
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Labour-saving machinery
machinery designed to save time and effort
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producing milk after pregnancy
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Lacto Ovo vegetarians
vegetarians who do not eat meat, but eat eggs and dairy products
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Lacto vegetarians
vegetarians who do not eat meat or eggs, but eat dairy products
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an upright or climbing bean or pea plant
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Listeria and salmonella
food poisoning bacteria
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Lower Reference Nutrient Intake (RNI)
for people with lower nutrient intake
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food such as protein, fat and carbohydrates, which are needed in larger amounts
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the process of finding out if there is a demand for a product and ways to sell it
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a set of reactions needed to keep the body functioning
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Vitamins and minerals that are needed in smaller amount
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waves that vibrate the fat and water molecules, producing heat
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Mobius loop
a loop with a single twist in it, used as a recycling symbol
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Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)
packaging where the oxygen in packs is replaced to prolong shelf life
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Modified starch
non-food starch that has been changed so that it can be used by the food industry in processing
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the simplist form of carbohydrate molecules
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a form of fungi
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the process of manipulating materials on a microscale
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Neural tube defects
problems in unborn babies that can lead to spina bifida
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Non-milk extrinisic sugars (NMES)
sugars found in table sugar, sweets, sugary drinks and cakes
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Non- starch polysaccharide (NSP)
contains insoluble and soluble fibre
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Novel foods
foods invented for us to eat, rather than grown or farmed naturally
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Nutritional standards
standards that set limits for nutritional goals
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Nutritionall dense foods
foods that are a good source of several nutrients
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when someone is obese, it means they have put on so much weight, it is dangerous for their health
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Ofcome, ASA
the bodies that oversee the codees of practise for the advertising industry
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Omega 3 fatty acids
fatty acids found in oily fish that are important for a healthy heart
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a disease where the bones become fragile and can break
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Pasteurised Milk
milk that has been heated up to kill harmful micro-organisms
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Pathogenic bacteria
those that can cause illness
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Pester powder
a term used by advertisers and marketing teams referring to children's ability to nag their parents into buying things they may not otherwise buy
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pH scale
the scale for measuring acids and alkalis
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Polylactic acid
a chemical used for biodegradable packaging
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the sizes and weights of food we eat
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stopping food from going bad
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includes beans and lentils, and are the seeds of plants called legumes
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a mycoprotein that comes in many shapes and sizes
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when heat travels in waves or rays
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Raising Agents
added to make mixtures rise
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Reference Nutrient Intake (RNI)
an estimate of the amount that should meet the needs of most people
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Saturated fats
fats that come from animal sources and can be bad for our health; they are linked to heart disease
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Shelf life
the length of time a food will keep
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Shopping online
placing an order on the internet
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fats used to make baked products crumbly
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Soya protein
protein from soya beans made into TVp and soya mince
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Staple foods
foods that make up the main part of a traditional diet, and are usually starch
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a polysaccharide, and a carbohydrates
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a preservative, sweetner and bulking agent and a carbohydrate
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extra nutrients that can be eaten for health reasons
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being able to keep something going for some time
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Traffic light system
shows how healthy a product is
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Trans fats
similar to saturated fats in their effect on health
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Unsaturated fats
fats thought to be beneficial to our health
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'Use by' date
code used on foods with a short shelf life
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vegetarians that do not eat any food from animals
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when babies change over from milk to solid food
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a micro-organism that changes food; fungi that ferment
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where food is frozen and dried under vacuum


Accelerated Freeze Drying (AFD)

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informing people about products, services or events and persuading people to buy things


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room temperature


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a potentially fatal condition caused by an allergy to certain foods


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