The Spanish Armada

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  • Spanish Armada
    • Spanish Weaknesses
      • The Spanish Leader Died before setting sail.
        • This meant they had to get a new leader...
          • He was Seasick!
      • When the spanish set sail there was bad weather...
        • This caused the Spanish a lot of damaged ships.
      • When the spanish fled home they were caught by another storm...
        • They had to anchor on irish shore...
          • The Irish looted their ships leaving them with nothing.
    • English Strengths
      • The english vice-admiral raided Cadiz and damaged a lot of the ships waiting there.
      • The English sent out old ships that were on fire to the Spanish
        • This panicked the Spanish and they lost formation.
      • The English ships were lighter and faster
        • The Spanish couldn't fire their cannons properly either...
          • Some of the cannonballs didn't even fit their cannons
    • English Weaknesses
      • Eventually the english withdrew...
        • They were tired and running low on ammunition
      • When the English returned half of them had died of disease




nice but need to talk about the spanish strength

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