Sovereignty, Nation State and Foreign Policy; Unit 3:D

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  • Sovereignty
    • Sovereignty was established from the Treaty of Westphalia (1648)
    • Sovereignty is the central concept for power within a nation state.
    • If a nation state has sovereignty they are recognised by international community and they can make decisions and policies without interference from outside forces
    • Is sovereignty still important?
      • YES
        • According to realism, governments will only base decisions on the security and needs of the nation state, not based on an international consensus
        • Historically nations want to preserve their identity and maintain individual power
          • E.G USA in Iraq
        • symbolically: UK rejecting the Euro
        • Rise of nationalism (Pride of countries)
        • Reaction to supranationalism
      • NO
        • Globalisation and dependence on trade to maintain economy- losing sovereignty to maintain relationship with other states.
        • dominant nations can manipulate other state governments
        • nations being more interested in helping other nations
        • increase in military intervention in Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq
    • Nation State
      • A state is a coherent political entity that is sovereign. Nationalism is a belief that a nation, or all nations should be self governing
    • Foreign policy
      • A policy is a plan of action pursued by a government.
      • The fact that the plan is foreign shows that it is designed to deal with states relations with other states.
        • E.G. Britain's policy is to maintain strong relations with the USA. However, the UK chooses to have a more hostile relationship with the Zimbabwean gov.


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The five Powerpoints by Laura labelled 3D, of which this is one, will be very useful when used in conjunction with one another, as a starting-point for students preparing to discuss the major issues of international politics. Each of them makes brief reference to some of the areas from which case studies or examples may be gathered in order to engage in meaningful discussion and address assessment objective 2, (evaluation and analysis).

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