The State and Foreign Policy in a global age

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how are states dualistic
deal with both domestic and external issues
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what four features make a state
a defined territory, a permanent population =, an effective government, the capacity to enter into relations with other states
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how do these features contradict the constitutive theory of states
teh constitutive theory states that the political existence of teh state is entirely dependent on other states recognition
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what feature ignored by theories is key in defining a statwe
sovereignty/ teh capability to exercise power within defined territorial borders
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who was the first theorist of sovereignty
jean bodin
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liberal perspective on internal sovereignty
the idea of an absolute and final source of power is difficult to distinguish amongst diffused power and pluralist competition within the modern democratic state
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division in world politics caused by disputed external claims of sovereignty
arab-israeli conflict, palestinians long sought to establish a homeland/ territory claimed by Israel.
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why are the questions over the moral implications and practical significance of sovereignty
potentially allows torture/abuse of citizens
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3 positions on how globalisation has altered world politics
'post-sovereign governance' suggests that globalisation is marked by the decline of state as main actor, 'hyperglobalists' think the state has become redundant, realists deny the globalisation has altered core principles of world politics
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how has globalisation impacted state sovereignty
rise of international migration and the spread of cultural globalisation have tended to makes state borders increasingly permeable. cross border comms that the state cannot control
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what is supraterritoriality
central feature of economic globalisation, reflects the declining importance of territorial locations, geographical distance and state borders, an increasing amount of economic activities take place in a 'borderless', tnc;s can operate anywhere £££
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what reflects the idea that globalisation has been closely associated with regionalism
growing prominence of regional trading blocs such as teh EU and NAFTA
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what is Susan Strange's view on economic globalisations impact on teh state
'where states were once the master of the markets, now it is the markets that are the masters governments.'
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how has a borderless economic world been taken too far
the state has not been made redundant by economic globalisation, states maintain the ability to control transnational economic activity through frameworks such as the G20 and the WTO
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in what way has political globalisation impacted the significance of teh state
bodies such as the UN and teh EU have undermined the capacity of states to operate as self-governing units. rules ar emade by institutions rather then states
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how has political globalisation positively impacted the significance of teh staet
working through international bodies has expanded the capacities of the state, allowing them to continue to expand their influence within a globalised world
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what is the 'post-modern state'
the changed relationship between the state and the market that has been brought about by the pressures of economic globalisation, reflected in the trend towards neo-liberlism
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in what ways has globalisation promoted policies of privatisation, deregulation and teh rolling back of the wellfare state
greater exposure to global markets encourages policies to attract foreign capital, intensified foreign competition forces countries to keep wages low, tncs are able to reallocate resources for greater profut
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what is the internationalisation
the process whereby national institutions, policies and practices become little more than an instrument for restructuring national economies in line with the dynamics of global capitalist economies. globalisation requires a framework provided by stat
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what is teh competition state
a state that aims to secure economic growth by securing its competitive advantages in the wider global economy
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realist view towards teh state
states are unitary and coherent actors, teh basic units of the global system. state behaviour determined by survival desire, yet this may mean becomign aggressive or defensive
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neorealist view towards tje state
insist that the capabilities of states differing is the only way to distinguish them.
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liberal view of the stat
the state arises out of the needs of society and reflects the interests of individual citizens. 'social contract' states have sovereignty to prevent chaos and brutality. adopted the mixed actor world model
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neo/post marxist approach to the staet
abandoned teh idea that it is a reflection of class sytem, but continue to argue that the state structures and world orders grounded in social relations
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feminist approach to the state
radicals have highlighted the structural links between the state and teh system of male power, liberal feminists believe possible to reform teh state from within, increasing female rep
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what is a failed state
a state that is unable to perform its key role in ensuring domestic order by monopolising the use of force within its territory e.g haiti, rwanda. no longer able to operate as political units, lacking a credible system of law and order
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what does the failure of states primarily stem from
arose from the experience of colonialism, when it ended, societies lacked an appropriate level of political, economic, social and educational development to function effectively as separate entities
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how does colonialism not explain why some states have failed
other sources of failure include the existence of social elites, backwards systems, TNC's and neo-colonialism
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what is warlordism
a condition in which locally based-militarised bands vie for power in teh absence of a sovereign state
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3 ways state sovereignty is an outdated concept
increased permeability of borders, the rise of non state actors = TNC's + NGO's, collective dilemmas = terrorism climate change etc
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3 ways sovereignty is not an outdated concept
borderlessness exaggerated, states remain dominant, pooled sovereignty
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what is state-building
the construction of a functioning state through the establishment of the legitimate institutions for the formulation and implementation of policy across key areas of government
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what is good governance
standards for the process of decision making in society, including popular participation, respect for rule of law etc
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what is a policy network
set of relationships between political actors who share a common interest or general orientation in a particular area
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what is multi level governance
a pattern of overlapping and interrelated public authority that stems from the growth or growing importance of supranational and subnational bodies
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what is localisation 2
a trend that favours the local as the basis for political action, cultural identity or economic organisation, usually associated with the growing importance of sub-national governance
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what is federalism
legal and political structures that distribute power between two distinct levels of government that are not subordinate to one another
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what is shared sovereignty
a constitutional arrangement in which sovereignty is divided between two levels of government, each exercising supreme and autonomous control oer a range of issues
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what is ethnocentrism
understanding the intentions of other groups or people through the application of values and theories drawn from the observers own culture
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what four features make a state


a defined territory, a permanent population =, an effective government, the capacity to enter into relations with other states

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how do these features contradict the constitutive theory of states


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what feature ignored by theories is key in defining a statwe


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who was the first theorist of sovereignty


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