Sources of moral authority

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  • Sources of moral authority
    • Jesus
      • Told us how to live our lives
        • "love one another as I have loved you."
          • Set a good example for us.
        • "Do this in memory of me."
          • Let him be our idol and remember the good he did.
    • Connscience
      • Tells us right from wrong.
        • When you do something wrong you get a feeling in your stomach which people see as conscience.
    • The Bible
      • It tells us how God wants us to live and how to deal with situations.
        • The parable of the lost son shows us how we should forgive everybody.
        • Chapters from the bible are read during mass.
    • The 10 commandments
      • They tell us how God wants us to live our lives
        • "You shall not lie."
        • "You shall not steal." It is illegal to steal things.
    • Parents
      • They teach right and wrong from a young age.
        • For example, do not take other children's toys when playing.
        • Actions have consequences.
          • E.g. If you are bad you don't get pocket money.


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