R.S. - Rights and Responsibilities

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Christians FOR Genetic Engineering

* God gave humans dominion over the world. Christians believe that as long as it doesnt cause harm, some forms of genetic engineering is acceptable.

* For some christians the Golden Rule means genetic engineering can cure diseases and disorders.

* Jesus healed people and Christians believe they should follow his example by trying to improve the health of others.

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Christians AGAINST Genetic Engineering & Cloning

* Only God can create life and humans shouldn't 'Play God'.

* Life is sacred and special and created by God so humans shouldn't be doing anything against this. 

* Some Christians believe life begins at conception and are opposed to anything that involves research in embryo's when some are then discarded.

* Most Christians would be against genetic engineering curing 'defects' that doesn't cause suffering, such as being short sighted.

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Concerns of Genetic Engineering

* Nature is complex and we don't know the exact long-term effects of genetic engineering and cloning.

* These technologies could be dangerous in the wrong hands because they could be used to produce biological weapons.

* Who makes decisions over what is defective and what isn't? There is currently no guidance.

* This could lead to 'Designer Babies' with people wanting certain charactersitics for their children

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Why It's Important to Take Part in Democratic & El


* Voting allows citizens to have a say about who runs the country.

* People elected though voting are responsible for making important decisions that affect everyone.

* Issues include tax, benefits, rubbish collection, health treatment, schools and armed forces.

* Change can only be brought about through the democratic process.

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Why Human Rights Are Important to Christians


1. They believe every human being is created by God in his image and deserves respect.

2. They believe God loves everyone equally.

3. The teachings of the bible, for example The Decalogue supports most human rights laws.

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Criticisms of The Human Rights Act

* The Human Rights Act has been criticised becuase some might argue that it has allowed criminals to get away without proper punishment because their human rights have not been upheld.

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4 Types of Moral Authorities

1. Law and teaching of the bible 

2. Teachings and guidance of the church

3. The conscience

4. Principles of situation ethics

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Why Use A Variety of Moral Authorities

* Christians believe they must live life according to God. 

* Different Christians believe different sources of authority contain advice and help on what God wants.

* They may use one source of authority or refer to a combination.

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How Christians Use Conscience To Make Moral Decisi

* Christians believe they should consult the bible, look at the teachings of the Church but in the end follow their conscience

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The Decalogue

1. You shall have no other Gods but me 

2. You shall not worship idols

3. You shall not misuse the name of the lord

4. Remember the sabbath day and keep it holy

5. Honour your father and mother

6. You shall not murder

7. You shall not commit adultery

8. You shall not steal

9. You shall not bear false witness (lie)

10. You shall not covet (be envious)

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Conscientious Objectors

* Conscientious objectors are an example of when some Christians use conscience as their main guide when making moral decisions

* These are people who object to fighting and refuse to fight in a war because they think it is against God's moral code and their conscience tells them this is the correct action 

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How The Church Guides Christians

1. Talking to other Christians

2. Listening to the priest or vicar

3. Praying and worshipping together

4. Accepting the authority of the church to explain and teach God's word

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Reasons FOR Using Situation Ethics

* Every situation is judged individually

* As love is the main principle, it follows a genuine christian action

* Love is an easy principle to apply and remember in all situations

* Doing the most loving thing will appeal to people as a positive idea

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Reasons AGAINST Using Situation Ethics

* It's impossible to predict what will happen in every example

* In theory, anything a person felt was the 'Most loving thing' could be justified including adultery or murder

* It isn't so easy to apply situation ethics in everyday cases where we are used to having rules

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