Basic Christian Teachings

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The Bible

  • Most important source of authority
  • Believed to be the word of God
  • Sets examples on how to live
  • Answers questions 
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The Church

  • God speaks to the world through the church 
  • The church decides their stance on particluar issues 
  • Offer advice on certain issues (Morality)
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  • Theists believe that God gives us the ability to make our own decisions
  • Conscience = inner voice 
  • Conscience guides us to do good in the way that God wants us too
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Situation Ethics

  • Joseph Fletcher Developed this
  • This means doing the most loving thing in any given circumstance 
  • Pragmatic (focusing on achieving the goal of love) 
  • Relative (depends on the situation)
  • Positive (focuses on the greater good) 
  • personal (links to consciousness)
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