Soul, body and mind

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  • Soul, Body and Mind
    • 3 approaches
      • Dualism
        • Philosophical belief that there are 2 distinct parts to humans- body + soul
      • Materialism
        • Only physical matter exists and the mind can be explained as chemical reactions in the brain
      • Monism
        • The mind/ soul and body are one
    • Plato's Dualism
      • Linked to World of Forms and World of Appearances
      • Th body is the "prison of the soul"
      • The soul can access the WoF through reason (a priori)
      • The body gains knowledge a posteriori
      • Aim of the soul is to be released from the body and experience the WoF
      • Allegory of the Charioteer- tripartite of the soul: emotion, reason and desire
    • Aristotles monist view
      • Hierarchy of soul functions
        • 1) Growth, nutrition, 2) Locomotion, 3) Intellect
      • Rejected idea of dualism as he believed that the form of an object was contained in itself
      • If the body were an eye the soul would be its ability to see
      • We cannot separate body and soul any more than we can wax from its shape or sight from an eye
    • Descartes- substance dualism
      • Gave the first account of  a soul/body relationship
      • The mental + the physical are separate substances w/ independent existence
      • The mind and body do interact- "Cogito, ergo, sum"


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