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  • Somatotypes
    • Ectomorph
      • ecTomorph = thin
      • Narrow shoulders, hips and chest.
      • Not much muscle or fat.
      • Long, thing arms and legs. (tall and thing)
      • Thin face and high forehead.
      • Example of ectomorph sports people: long-distance runner, pole vaulter, high jumper and jockey.
      • They carry less weight so they create less air resistance when running.
    • Mesomorph
      • Mesomorph = Musclular
      • Wide shoulders, narrow hips.
      • Muscular body.
      • Strong arms and thighs.
      • Not much body fat.
      • Build muscle easily.
      • Built for activities that require speed, strength and power.
      • Sports person example: sprinter, tennis player, weightlifter.
    • Endomorph
      • Wide hips but relatively narrow shoulders.
      • A lot of fat on body , arms and legs.
      • Ankles and wrists are relatively slim.
      • Find it hard to lose weight.
      • Don't build muscle easily.
      • Only suited to sports that don't require speed.
      • Sports people examples: a sumo wrestler and wrestler.


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