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Reasons for tacking part in physical activity

There are 3 main sub-reasons for tacking part in physical activity, They are Physical, Mental and Social.

Physical - Lose weight, i need a physical challenge, Gives me better muscle definition, improves my health, Gives me a better shape/look good, improves my fittnes .

Mental - Relieves my stress/helps me relax, i need a physical challenge, i am good at it, Gives me somthing to do, makes me feel good/improves my confidence, i develope an aesthetic appreciation of the sport, i like to compete, makes me less tense.

Social - Meet my friends, stops me getting into trouble, good way of meeting boys/girles, helps me to learn how to cooperate with others.

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Health Related Exercise (HRE)

There are 5 areas or HRE, Cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, Muscular endurance, flexibility and body composition.

Cardiovascular endurance – The ability to exercise the entire body for long periods of


Muscular strength – The amount of force a muscle exert against a resistance

Muscular endurance – The ability to use voluntary muscles many times without getting


Body composition – The percentage of body weight, which is fat, muscle and bone.

Flexibility – The range of movement at a joint.

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A balanced diedt it nesesary weather you take part in physical activity or not. It is important as as it gives us al the nutrience we need to keep healthy and to provide the right amount of energy for the physical work tht we do. There are 7 factors of a balanced diet:

Carbohydrates - Starchy food such as bread, potatoes, rice, and pasta.

Fats - Dairy products, fatty meat, sweets.

Protien - Found in meet, fish, eggs and beans.

Vitimins - mainly from fresh fruit and vegtables.

minerals - found in most foods, particularly vegetables.

water - found in most food and obviously liquids.

fiber - found in vegtables, fruits, nuts, cereal.

Carbohydrates 65%, Fats 20 %, Protiens 10%, Vitimins minerals and fiber 5%.

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An often important factor in performance is body build or physique. This can be measured and the result is known as your somatotype. There are 3 somatotypes:

Endomorph - a somatotype characterized by fatness.

Mesomorph - a somatotype characterized by muscularity.

Ectomorph - a somatotype characterized by thinnes.


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Cardiovascular fitness

Cardio means 'of the heart' and vascular means 'of or containing vessels for conveying blood'.

The heart has 3 blod vesles:

Capillaries - the smallest of the blod vessles, very thin walls (one cell thick).

Veins - thin walls, less elastic than ateries, blood is at lower pressure than in arteries, have valves, carry blood to the heart.

Arteries - thick walls, more elastic than veins, pulsate, have no valves, carry blood away from the heart.


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